Jul 31, 2012

Human Media > Texty Tweets: Does Your Business Know the Difference?

The New Human Media Movement via Google Plus Hangouts  

Text Engagement = Superficially Social
Social Media of yesterday is text based engagement that happens on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or any other social platform where you essential chat with someone's avatar.

A customer leaves a text comment on a post and the business replies later via text. The business interacts with an account and a profile picture but it doesn't interact with the actual living, breathing customer in real time.

Jul 26, 2012

My New Gig in a Bigger Box

Angie Bailey and Sarah Hill Hanging Out with KOMU-TV Viewers
After about 20 years living in "the box" we call television news, I thought I'd work at a "call letter" station for a very long time.  But now that everyone has digital tools to be their own media company, the number of "television stations" in this world grows with each You Tube upload.  Some call it media "disruption" but I call it media "eruption." This is an exciting opportunity for traditional broadcasters like myself to take their hands off the wheel and let the winds of innovation run through their helmet hair.

Jul 20, 2012

Omniscient Narrators of the News: Google Plus Hangouts On Air as a Newscast Coffee Shop

It's an odd feeling to be in a TV studio reading the news in Columbia, MO and hear a rooster crow in Trinidad or glance at your laptop during a soundbite and see a man cooking tacos in his kitchen in Jefferson City. 

You're reading a story about the passing of Andy Griffith. "Whatever happened to Mayberry?" I hear the Hangout guests say. A soldier died in Afghanistan tonight......."God bless his family," they remark in my ear.  

Jul 12, 2012

Cameraman App for Google Plus Hangouts On Air

Photo Credit: flickr.com

Two Alternate Uses for the Cameraman App

The Cameraman App announced today (July 12th) enables the host to bring people on and off stage in a Google Plus Hangout On Air.  (A G+ HOA streams live and is recorded to You Tube whereas a regular Hangout does not.)  Here's how the App works:

The G+ Hangout 10 Commandments

Joe Tomasone Uses Google Effects to put a halo on his child
A series of Thou Shalt Nots for people who frequent Hangouts.  

Hangouts have created a coffee shop of sorts for TV newsies like myself.  But instead of reading the newspaper, guests watch and talk about the day's news in a Google Plus Hangout.  Every Hangout host has their own set of rules.  I share mine below in hopes it can help you craft your own set of rules.  Here's a link you can download these rules as an attachment.  http://goo.gl/YqcnJ .  

Jul 4, 2012

How to Host a Hangout On Air

A Hangout On Air is a group video chat room within Google Plus that also streams live on You Tube.  In this HOA, France 24, KOMU-TV, KRNV-TV, WSPA-TV, Developers and Independent Journalists share tips, tricks and tools on how to host your own Hangout On Air.        

This 10 person video chat room is fueling a Journalism Renaissance as it's a collaborative space bringing together developers with traditional and independent journalists.  For more examples of how Journalists are using Hangouts On Air, please see 10 Ways Reporters are Using Hangouts On Air.