Jul 12, 2012

The G+ Hangout 10 Commandments

Joe Tomasone Uses Google Effects to put a halo on his child
A series of Thou Shalt Nots for people who frequent Hangouts.  

Hangouts have created a coffee shop of sorts for TV newsies like myself.  But instead of reading the newspaper, guests watch and talk about the day's news in a Google Plus Hangout.  Every Hangout host has their own set of rules.  I share mine below in hopes it can help you craft your own set of rules.  Here's a link you can download these rules as an attachment.  http://goo.gl/YqcnJ .  

  1. Be Nice.  Come and go as you please.  Stay as long as you’re able.

  1. No cussing, smoking or drinking alcohol in the Hangout.
  1. Always mute your microphone when you’re not talking or getting ready to talk. Mute immediately upon entry into a Hangout to ensure your entry doesn’t disrupt the current conversation.
  1. Do comment about the news stories you’re seeing.  Even though I’m reading, I can still hear your comments.  I’m listening to what you say so I can try to work your comments into the TV newscast.  You are the omniscient narrators of the news.  Short quips work best for me to process and repeat on TV.   

  1. You must have a web cam.  Make sure we can see your face.  Avoid dark-room backgrounds.

  1. Eliminate room noise: Squeaky chairs, fans, screaming kids, traffic, phones on vibrate.

  1. Do not type without first muting your mic. Your web cam mic picks up sound from your keyboard.  Yep... even with a headset.

  1. Please DO mute others in my Hangout for room noise.  I encourage it.  As a courtesy, please put the reason for muting someone’s mic in chat.
IE: “Sorry John---squeaky chair”.  Don’t take muting personally.  It’s like letting you know you have a loud muffler.  :-)

  1. Please welcome others when they enter the room either in chat or verbally.

  1. If you share breaking news or information in the Hangout, please put a link to where you found that information in chat or verbally credit your source.

  1. Hangout Lower Thirds are encouraged.   It’s fine to promote your own website in that lower third.

Those guidelines were crafted a year ago by my original Hang gang.  Feel free to suggest additional insight in the comments section below.   You are the omniscient narrators of our newscasts.  Hope to connect with you soon in a Hangout! 

--Sarah Hill

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  1. No smoking, or drinking alcohol? lmao

    Does 2nd hand smoke now travel through the hangouts?

  2. I do believe a "second hand smoke" filter app for Hangouts is in the works. :-) LOL

  3. Isn't it funny how seeing someone smoke bothers us just as much as being around them...?

  4. No smoking or drinking alcohol ? not even discreetly? I would think that no massive bong rips and no drunken behaviour would suffice as the commandment on those activities.