Sep 30, 2012

Realtors use G+ Hangouts On Air as Virtual Open House

Carra Riley of Arizona giving a Virtual Home Tour
Real Estate Professionals have a new digital tool with which to attract buyers: G+ Hangouts.  Some Realtors are already using Hangouts as a free television station in which to broadcast to clients.

A hangout is a 10 person (9 + host) chat room that lives within the social network of Google Plus, a crowd sourcing tool.  A regular Hangout is private only to those 10 people inside the Hangout.  A Hangout On Air, however, streams live on your YouTube Channel and automatically records there for playback later.  You don't need video capturing software, a video production switcher or another live streaming account.   A Hangout is a free television station that broadcasts on YouTube.

Recently, Carra Riley, a real estate consultant in Arizona, demonstrated how a realtor could open up a Google Plus Hangout during a buyer's tour or open house.  The buyer doesn't have to leave their house or their smart phone to be face to face with the property and have the ability to ask questions
 about it in real time.

Recently, +Veterans United held a Google Plus Hangout discussion with real estate professionals about how the emerging platform of "Human Media" could deepen engagement between real estate pros and their clients. It also touched on a new program from ClikBrix called "Open House Hangouts"and Veterans United's new Loan Tracker application.

Veterans United helps get veterans home loans with no money down and low interest rates.  V-U employees in the Hangout below also talked about the need to educate veterans and current service members that they can save money on their home loan by using their VA benefit.  You can learn more about using Google Plus for real estate by joining our web cam discussion  each weekday at 4pm CDT on the +Veterans United Google Plus Profile.  It's our face to face Virtual Front Porch.  Just +1 our page underneath our profile picture and click "follow" to add us to your Google Plus circles.

Real Estate Pros offer buyers still photos and why not offer them a live virtual tour where the client can ask questions in real time?  Be sure to share your videos with us of your next Hangout Open House by emailing them to 

For more information on the emerging platform of "Human Media" as the next heart beat of social, add yours truly +Sarah Hill and +Veterans United to your Google Plus circles.
Human Media > Texty Tweets.

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  1. Using social media in enticing people to buy a house is apparently a good idea. Google+ is a business type of social media. Meaning businessmen normally used this medium to promote their site and business as well. Thinking about volume of individuals visiting G+, selling one property in it is actually a wise decision.

  2. The buyer doesn't have to leave their house or their smart phone to be face to face with the property and have the ability to ask questions

  3. Really like the idea of using G+ On Air Hangouts for Agent Tours and Open Houses. I see this being used more going into 2013.

  4. I am really excited about the use of G+ On Air Hangout. I can see our office using this more going into 2013. Please let me know the next time you do a Hangout.