Oct 29, 2012

The Human Media Movement

How Hangouts Could Change Our World  #humanmedia

  • Reduce physical space between countries. Increase frequency of face to face communication
  • People in poor countries have ability to broadcast worldwide 
  • Lower the cost and barriers to education by Hangout enabling underprivileged areas.
  • Transform live news coverage to multi-part conversation with viewers on their smart phones
  • Reverse News Conferences where reporters ask questions virtually via Hangout
  • Virtual Tours for individuals who are unable to leave their homes
  • Virtual Tours as therapy for psychiatric patients
  • Group therapy for counseling sessions
  • Auctions take bids via Hangouts and Ebay offers "Hangout with the Seller" to ask questions
  • Websites have "Hangout With Customer Service" buttons 
  • Call centers have web cams
  • Car lots provide real time virtual vehicle tours to sell cars online 
  • Real Estate Pros provide real time virtual tours of homes and use G+ to crowd source clients
  • Hangout stations in retail aisles for price checks or customer service questions
  • Second Screen interactivity during TV programming
  • Second Screen interactivity during Sporting or Music Events
  • 911 Hangout Centers where 911 operators could virtually bring in an OBGYN to help a woman through labor.  
  • Hangout Hold:  Instead of listening to elevator music, enable customers to hangout with each other and watch funny movie clips while they wait. 
  • Drive-thru terminals where deaf individuals can read the clerk's lips
  • Bridal Shops equip fitting rooms with Hangouts so out of state friends can see a bride's dress. 
  • Face to Face Git hub Collaboration
  • Political Campaigning becomes Virtual Door Knocking via Hangouts

How do you think Hangouts could change our world?  Tell me in the comments below or in person in a Hangout weekdays at 5pm ET, 4pm Central on the +Veterans United Google+ profile. 

Oct 16, 2012

Google+ Hangouts Allow Aging Veterans to See Memorials

The World War II memorial wasn’t built until 2004 and, sadly, most World War II veterans won’t live long enough to see it. In an effort to get veterans to Washington, D.C., Honor Flight has flown thousands of veterans to see their memorial. But some veterans who apply to go on these free flights are too sick to travel.

Now, using the new technology of Google+ Hangouts, there’s a way aging and even terminally ill veterans across the country can still experience an Honor Flight without leaving their home, hospital bed or assisted living center.

In a partnership with the Veterans United Home Loans, Virtual Photo Walks and Central Missouri Honor Flight, volunteers are using Google+ Hangouts to provide virtual tours of not only the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C., but Pearl Harbor, the beaches of Normandy, France, the site of the D-Day Invasion, and even battleships like the USS Alabama. Future plans call for virtual tours to Mount Suribachi, the site of the flag raising during the battle for Iwo Jima. 

How Does it Work?