Oct 29, 2012

The Human Media Movement

How Hangouts Could Change Our World  #humanmedia

  • Reduce physical space between countries. Increase frequency of face to face communication
  • People in poor countries have ability to broadcast worldwide 
  • Lower the cost and barriers to education by Hangout enabling underprivileged areas.
  • Transform live news coverage to multi-part conversation with viewers on their smart phones
  • Reverse News Conferences where reporters ask questions virtually via Hangout
  • Virtual Tours for individuals who are unable to leave their homes
  • Virtual Tours as therapy for psychiatric patients
  • Group therapy for counseling sessions
  • Auctions take bids via Hangouts and Ebay offers "Hangout with the Seller" to ask questions
  • Websites have "Hangout With Customer Service" buttons 
  • Call centers have web cams
  • Car lots provide real time virtual vehicle tours to sell cars online 
  • Real Estate Pros provide real time virtual tours of homes and use G+ to crowd source clients
  • Hangout stations in retail aisles for price checks or customer service questions
  • Second Screen interactivity during TV programming
  • Second Screen interactivity during Sporting or Music Events
  • 911 Hangout Centers where 911 operators could virtually bring in an OBGYN to help a woman through labor.  
  • Hangout Hold:  Instead of listening to elevator music, enable customers to hangout with each other and watch funny movie clips while they wait. 
  • Drive-thru terminals where deaf individuals can read the clerk's lips
  • Bridal Shops equip fitting rooms with Hangouts so out of state friends can see a bride's dress. 
  • Face to Face Git hub Collaboration
  • Political Campaigning becomes Virtual Door Knocking via Hangouts

How do you think Hangouts could change our world?  Tell me in the comments below or in person in a Hangout weekdays at 5pm ET, 4pm Central on the +Veterans United Google+ profile. 

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