Oct 10, 2013

See-Commerce: 5 Ways to Open the Eyes of Your Business

Since I first experienced a Google+ Hangout more than two years ago behind the scenes of a TV newscast, I've been geeking out about how Human Media (social media + live video) could one day become a powerful attraction tool for businesses, journalists and consumers. Now it seems what I call "See Commerce" is starting to be in Vogue, at least to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Recently, Designer Rebecca Minkoff used Google+ as her runway and allowed the audience to shop for items displayed adjacent to a Hangout. Watch this experience of products being served next to live video:  Shop the Hangout 

"Shop the Hangout" with Rebecca Minkoff on Google+
Sarah, I'm not in the fashion industry.  Why should my shop pay attention to this?

1. See-Commerce has the potential to simulate a bricks & mortar storefront for your online business.

2. Studies like this one from the Scientific American show eye contact reduces hostilities online. (Human Media allows you to form deeper relationships with your customers reducing the likelihood of transactional one night stands.)

3. WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) is going to make video calls easier for consumers increasing the likelihood that some customer service interactions will happen via the "video phone".

4. Using Hangouts creates "Google Nectar" for businesses that could attract more +1s in search.

5. In a future where personal recommendations will become paramount, you want to be close to your customers.  See-Commerce and Human Media are reducing the physical space between businesses and their clientele by placing people eyeball to eyeball on virtual real estate.

You might not be selling dresses but this latest experiment from Rebecca Minkhoff shows the possibilities when you add Human Media to your Social Media wardrobe.

Don't be the business still covering your eyes.  Not learning now how to dial the video phone could ensure your product will not be found.

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