Aug 1, 2014

Do These 7 Things Before You Buy a Treadmill Desk

Scrap Shelving + Peach Cans
Considering a treadmill desk but not sure if you'd be able to type and walk at the same time?  I'm into week three on "Ed the Tread", the nickname for my rubber hamster wheel. I've already logged + 125 miles and feel like my 43 year old legs are stronger. However, the biggest impact of walking an average of 4 hours a day on a tread desk has been on my sleep. I sleep more soundly.

Do these 7 things before you decide to walk and work. (#wark)

1. Consider making a homemade desk before you purchase a prefabricated one. I made my desk with scrap shelving elevated with two peach cans.

2. Watch this video via Google Glass that simulates what it feels like to type on a treadmill desk.

3.  Commit to keep it slow, under 2 mph, and you won't bounce your fingers on the keyboard or sweat through your work clothes.

4. Give other co-workers a heads up that they can   use your desk while at lunch. Their tolerance for     the occasional beep or low hum of the treadmill     will increase if they're also allowed to use it as       well.

5. Invest in 100% silicone treadmill lubricant.         Since it will be used more frequently than the         average treadmill, you'll want to make sure you       spray underneath the belt every few months so the   lubricant doesn't dry out.

My co-workers #warking
6. Get a pair       of athletic   shoes and socks and keep them at the office. Trust me one day, you'll forget to bring them and then you'll have to walk on the treadmill in heels. Been there. But if you're into the new craze of "high heeled workouts" on the treadmill, you might try strapping on a pair of stilettos to work your calves. Hey, it works for Cameron Diaz!

7.  Log your miles. The number of miles you will have traveled in a week will amaze you.

8. Don't walk all day on your tread desk. Swap with a co-worker's sitting desk or have a sitting desk in your office where you work for part of the day. If a co-worker comes to conference with you, ask if they'd like to walk and talk on your tread desk while you sit.

Have more tips you'd like to share about your experience with a tread desk? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Have fun #warking!  

Mar 18, 2014

5 Ways to Use Google Glass for Good

I thought at first I'd be one of those people who would totally abandon my smart phone when I got Glass in the summer of 2013, but I've found Glass is more of a microwave for my phone and not a replacement, at least not yet. Here's why.

Pearl Harbor Survivor Wears Google Glass for First Tine
Glass is to a smart phone what a microwave is to a conventional oven. Glass allows the user to nuke information faster.  Instead of the dozen clicks it takes me to awaken my phone, snap a photo and upload it to a social site, Glass can do the same process in less than half the clicks. Because Glass still has to be tethered to my phone, I can't abandon my 'oven' just yet.

Here are five ways Explorers could use Google Glass to enhance someone's life.

Oct 10, 2013

See-Commerce: 5 Ways to Open the Eyes of Your Business

Since I first experienced a Google+ Hangout more than two years ago behind the scenes of a TV newscast, I've been geeking out about how Human Media (social media + live video) could one day become a powerful attraction tool for businesses, journalists and consumers. Now it seems "See Commerce" is starting to be in Vogue, at least to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Recently, Designer Rebecca Minkoff used Google+ as her runway and allowed the audience to shop for items displayed adjacent to a Hangout. Watch this experience of products being served next to live video:  Shop the Hangout 

"Shop the Hangout" with Rebecca Minkoff on Google+
Sarah, I'm not in the fashion industry.  Why should my shop pay attention to this?

1. See-Commerce has the potential to simulate a bricks & mortar storefront for your online business.

2. Studies like this one from the Scientific American show eye contact reduces hostilities online. (Human Media allows you to form deeper relationships with your customers reducing the likelihood of transactional one night stands.)

Jun 2, 2013

Glass Cast: A Broadcaster's View of Google Glass

As I walked up the stairs to pickup my Glass at Chelsea Market in New York, I kept looking at my mobile phone like a girlfriend looks at her boyfriend right before she breaks up with him.  Would Glass mean the beginning of the end for my handheld device? I was about to test drive the Model T of wearable computers and couldn't help but wonder what would happen to my horse.

A receptionist showed me to my seat in a loft that looked like a swanky LensCrafters and asked me to choose the color of my device.  I chose "Shale" (Gray) as I wanted it to be more neutral on my face so it wouldn't be too much of a distraction during our broadcasts on the Veterans United Network. 

Jan 1, 2013

Let Your Webcams Do the Walking: 7 Ways Business Can Use Hangouts in 2013

2013 should be the year you let your webcam do the walking..........
You've heard about the free mini TV station in the middle of a social network that allows you to broadcast to your customers. You've been meaning to host a +Google+  Hangout to develop a closer relationship with your audience.  What are you waiting for?  Here are 7 ways your business can use Hangouts On Air.

 Virtual Career Fair
1.  Free Broadcast Tower:  You don't have to be a TV station anymore to broadcast to your customers. Using free digital tools businesses not only have a broadcast tower on YouTube, they have a free production suite with multiple cameras embedded in a social network. Combine the ability to broadcast with the +Google+  crowd sourcing tool and every company is a media company regardless of whether you have call letters.  How will you use your free broadcast tower in 2013?

2.  Find New Customers:  In my opinion, it's not just the technology of group video chat that's unique but the webcam yellow pages to which that technology is attached.  Unlike Skype, Hangouts are embedded within a place where people are going for search and social. Google+ is like a global phone book now categorized by interests.  +Cliff Roth calls it a Virtual Trade Show and with the new addition of Google+ Communities, people now have a map to the booths on the showroom floor. You have your Veterans Community, your Broadcasters Community and your Real Estate Community.  You have the ability to find people who are interested in your product or service and develop a face to face relationship with them via Hangouts.  Realtors like +Carra Riley are now are even experimenting with hosting Virtual Open Houses via Hangouts. Hangouts are leading to a global de-spatialization of products and services. We are reducing the physical space between us and increasing our customer base.  Much like our fingers did with the yellow pages in the 70's, now our webcams can do the walking....